Frequently Asked Questions

Does goCabinets actually make the cabinets?

goCabinets is the online interface to enable manufacturers to take orders from customers online. So it is not ‘goCabinets’ that cuts your order, but rather the goCabinets manufacturer that you have been assigned to.

How long does it take to become a member?

Once you have signed up at our sign up page you will have instant access to goCabinets. Simply sign in using the email address that you signed up to, along with the temporary password that is emailed to you upon sign up.

If you haven’t received your log in information in your email inbox after a couple of hours, check your spam/junk folder or try resetting your password here: goCabinets reset password using the email address that you signed up with.

I have forgotten my password.

Simply reset password here by entering your email address that you signed up to goCabinets with. You will then receive an email with a new password to enable you to be able to log back into your account.

I have signed up to goCabinets but haven't received my password.

Although we do our best to get you your sign up information as soon as possible, sometimes things get held up in cyberspace! Firstly, check your Spam/Junk folder of your email inbox to ensure that your welcome email hasn’t accidentally landed here. If you still have no luck, go to goCabinets reset password and enter the email address that you just signed up to, you should receive a new password shortly that you can then use to sign in to your account.

Are prices for cutting only or does the cabinet come assembled?

When creating a new job, you have the ability to select if you want it to ‘include Assembly cost’. If you select this option, then your products will come assembled. If you do not select this option, then the price of your order will not include your products being constructed – this is the cheapest way for you to order products from goCabinets. Please note, not all manufacturers allow for this option available for selection.

What is the time frame on a goCabinets order?

As a general guide, most orders have a lead time of 10-15 business days. This is dependent on the complexity and size of your order.

Does goCabinets produce cut lists?

With goCabinets, there is no longer any need for confusing cut lists. Once you have entered your job information and selected your products, your order is simply downloaded and processed through your manufacturer’s software. It is as easy and as quick as that!

Does goCabinets make 3D drawings?

goCabinets is a simple online ordering system, which at the moment does not have the ability to produce drawings/plans. For a simple to use 3D Design tool, please see cabinet by computer – about kd max

Is there a goCabinets app?

At the moment, there is no app available for goCabinets, however you can easily save the web address as a button on your device’s home page for easy access. Please refer to your browser for instructions.

Is goCabinets compatible on Mac, mobile, iPad & other tablets?

Yes, goCabinets can be accessed through any web browser.

Can I order specialised cabinet products on goCabinets?

Simply sign up to become a member to gain instant access to our extensive library of available cabinetry products that you can order. Each product is customizable, and you also have the ability to submit variation requests to your manufacturer for them to consider. If the cabinet product you desire is not in our catalogue, please contact us on for further guidance.

Is goCabinets only for cabinet makers & builders?

No, although our product is designed primarily for cabinet makers and builders to use, you are more than welcome to sign up and utilize goCabinets for personal projects.

How it works

1. Register

Before you get started, you must become a goCabinets member, please register for your goCabinets account here. Remember, no need to get out that credit card, goCabinets is completely free! Once you register your information, you will be instantly approved to start using the software, simply log in with the username and password provided.

Our goCabinets software is compatible with PC Windows, Mac, Mobile & Tablet platforms. We offer the perfect solution for our tech savvy clients on the run.

2. Enter your project details

You have your project design, now simply enter the project dimensions and select from a large range of cabinet types, panel finishes and cabinetry fittings. You can easily add, remove and adjust your project specifications and compare costs all in an instant. You can even set up your favourite most used cabinets sizes. goCabinets only lists the best products from our trusted suppliers in Australia and overseas.

3. Generate quotes

Once you’ve finalised the project, let goCabinets calculate the job cost in an instant. goCabinets cloud based software will supply you a quote in real time, from one of our many CNC manufacturers in your local area. Not only does goCabinets pride itself on delivering a cost effective quote, rest assured your cabinets are being manufactured by a business that has met goCabinets stringent quality assurance supplier guidelines.Find out more about our manufacturers

4. Submit jobs

Ordering cabinets online is this easy, once you’re happy with your cabinetry project specifications and quotation, simply press the “submit job” button. goCabinets provides the ability to send your projects straight to your local CNC manufacturer – It is that simple. Once sent off, your project is already in the process of being manufactured – No double handling, no material sourcing, no cut lists needed. goCabinets does all the hard work for you. Ordering cabinets online really is that easy.

5. Track your job online

goCabinets managed projects are all trackable straight from your computer, tablet or mobile. Receive real time updates and notifications on each production stage of your job. Maximise your time and project management with estimated delivery dates which are provided by the CNC manufacturer and tracked on the goCabinets software.

6. Deliver and ready to install

goCabinets online cabinetry software gives you the flexibility of delivering your finished projects direct your business, or straight to the job site. Save time, money and timely mistakes knowing all goCabinets projects are cut perfectly to your cabinetry specifications, flat packed and ready to install.  To install, all you need is a drill and your great cabinetry skills. An option within goCabinets allows you to have your cabinetry supplied to you already assembled.

Still have questions?